Acereus Poker Network TURN OFF


Acereus Poker Network TURN OFF

Acereus Poker Network, which included Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet, has filed for bankruptcy. This failure affects their ability to process player withdrawals. By August 2010, they’re not processing player deposits or withdrawals. Listed here are the reasons why they are shut down. But you will be able to find a reliable alternative if you play at among their competitors. These sites certainly are a good option for anybody who’s looking for a secure and fair online poker experience.

The business’s history is murky. It’s unclear if the UltimateBet site is still operational or whether it’s likely to be shut down. Many people are skeptical about the company’s future, and rumors abound. However, this scandal has prompted the poker community to step forward to demand a refund. Despite these concerns, the UltimateBet site has remained available to the general public. The website’s name is similar to other internet poker websites. It’s just that the business isn’t operating as a legal entity. The fact is that it is an Internet-based betting service, which is what made it a target for cheating.

Not surprisingly, it’s important to remember that Ultimate Bet is really a software company, and it’s a legitimate one. They have been around since 2001 and are a leader in internet poker. Aside from being an internet poker site, they host the Aruba Poker Classic. The grand prize is $1 million, and the company has a number of the top pros in the overall game. The company also offers a thriving poker community, with many tournaments every week.

UltimateBet was setup by two secretive high stakes poker players. The company’s software company, ieLogic, handled secure micro-transactions and user authentication. In addition they created patent-pending “association tarpit” technology to prevent fraud. Founded by Greg Pierson and Jon Karl, ieLogic leased UltimateBet’s website and continued operations. Until that point, they have paid some refunds and credits to their players. But not surprisingly, many members have yet to get their credits.

Along with tournament blackjack, the company in addition has been accused of cheating. Aside from cheating with a cheating tool called “God Mode,” UltimateBet used this software to track its players and their funds. The Nevada Gaming Commission recently approved the former UltimateBet fraud firm iovation as a service provider for online geolocation services. The gambling giant is trying to avoid the law and make sure that its users do not suffer from illegal activities.

Even though company is still a poker room, its business model is a great alternative to Full Tilt. The poker site was closed in December 2010 after a scandal involving cheating in its online casino. iovation overran the site and incorporated it under a fresh name, iovation, which is a subsidiary of ieLogic. In the meantime, the company focuses on risk management and fraud detection.

Despite these issues, UltimateBet includes a reputation as a reputable internet poker site. Its parent company, ieLogic, has been publicly traded since 1999, and contains a history of avoiding regulations. For the time being, it has been the subject of several lawsuits. The lawsuits also have led to the closure of the web site in 2006, which has caused an uproar in the poker industry. Its recent merger with Absolute Poker has resulted in the emergence of a thriving option to the world’s largest online poker site.

The lawsuits against UltimateBet stem from an investigation into suspicious activity in the web poker community. The business initially denied the allegations, but later admitted to presenting detected suspicious activity and identifying six accounts. In May 2008, it announced an internal investigation and fined the business $1.5 million. The documents also identify 18 different user names and email addresses. In addition to this, iebet has been investigated by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, which is in charge of overseeing the offshore online gambling industry.

In January of this year, ieLogic registered the UltimateBet trademark. The corporation had the first right to utilize the name but later abandoned it after it didn’t 바카라 사이트 secure adequate liquidity. The brand new owners of the trademark, eWorld Holdings, overran the website. The lawsuit had not been successful, but it did result in a jv with a poker website, Blanca Games. If you’re looking for a fun internet poker experience, UltimateBet is a good choice.